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We all love our iPhones and can’t

live without them,

but have you ever wondered what it’s like

inside the factories that makes them

fun, the fact that the iPhone isn’t

actually made in China, it’s actually made in many

different countries, that

‘s why we use Apple’s iphone

identified as

Chinese import is that finishing is done in the

country after a lot of traveling around the

world through

Apple’s global supply chain

When trying to understand

where Apple produces its

gadgets two main ideas of

assembly and manufacturing are run to

further explain the component making process

What goes

into the iPhone is the manufacturing part

While Apple designs and markets the


it doesn’t and produces the

components instead,

Apple uses manufacturers around the world

to make individual components

, each manufacturer specializing in

certain components

made by camera

specialists Lens and screen assembly specialists

assembling the screen

etc. On the other hand bling is the

process of taking all

the individual parts

made by specialized manufacturers and

incorporating them into the

final product, a ready-to-work iPhone in

today’s video, s We take a look

at Apple’s iPhone factory in China to see

how these phones are put together

and what’s going on behind the scenes

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from all over the place Why China

First of all how did Apple decide to

manufacture the iPhone components in a

place other than

America Well, it’s really simple, it is

not possible to manufacture the

parts in America

due to the huge demand that Apple faces in

the manufacturing facility in China where

Apple products

specifically go through

Final aggregation of nearly

300,000 employees in the United States, and

only 83 cities have the same population

as the number of employees of this factory,

meaning that the number

of potential workers in the United States is

not enough to cover Apple’s needs

in China

, an estimated quarter of the forces live

Working in company owned dormitories

, these neighborhoods are located in Apple owned land

due to the large number

of people who live and work in the

company, you

might not have guessed it but these

jobs are really in demand in China and

they can hire the biggest As many people as possible

on hand,

these examples show that the

scale and efficiency of

Chinese manufacturing are

outperforming anything we can currently


plus the workforce in China

provides the majority of the raw materials

used to make apple products are

similarly manufactured abroad and

much of it is located A short walk

from the final assembly plant

to make things more efficient,

moving these components to any

US-based plants means

greater costs and possibly even

manufacturing delays

when it comes to traditional outsourcing and


costs more money to manufacture in

America than employees

need Until they get paid much more than they do

in overseas countries like China

apart from that there are also expenses

on employee insurance benefits

and higher taxes because

companies want to generate

additional expenses of income that are not

necessarily transferred to the consumer in increasing the

prices of products In simpler words

this means that US

manufactured Apple products will cost

much more than the current big move price

I can hardly afford as

Apple is choosing to outsource

manufacturing to China

is really about who can assemble the

most apple products in the

shortest amount of time possible,

bearing in mind that this also means

that China can remain instantly adaptable and

versatile to apple needs

in a report

an Apple executive also expressed that

We no longer have employees with the

skills they are looking for

One specific example would be the

release of the latest iPhone

There is a huge demand f or

Apple realizes they need to be

finished ASAP

Apple knew it wasn’t possible

with us to manufacture

and that would lead to Delays and delays

with this

they turned to benefit from the

Chinese factory service and were able to.

Quickly accomplish

tasks due to this is because in China

manufacturers can require a large number

of engineers to handle the

necessary manufacturing overnight

They have an ample supply of workers

This permits them

to complete a large capacity of tasks quickly

and in short and

ours basically cannot employ 300,000 employees


, Which makes China a convenient

and adaptable supplier for them

So who supplies apple parts

Foxconn also known as Han

High Precision

Manufacturer is the world’s largest contract manufacturer

of electronics and

gadgets with production lines across

mainland China

famous for making

iPhones and other apple gadgets

but that’s not all it has a long list of

custome rs including

sony blackberry and dell but how the

company was born

it was founded by a guy named terry

gao when

he was only 24 he started by


7500 from his mother to found han Hai

was founded in 1974 to make plastic handles

for black and white televisions saw rapid growth

due to the growing popularity of

personal computers and video games,

the company continued into the 1980s making

electrical connectors To the

likes of IBM and Atari foxconn, it

grew its first factory in Shenzhen, China

to employ a large number of workers

aged one hundred thousand on its many

assembly lines

, and thus helped the company transform

southern China into

a global electronics manufacturing powerhouse.

Today, the company employs more than

Million workers

mostly in mainland China In 2016,

Foxconn bought a majority stake in

Japan’s Sharp for $3.5 billion

, the first foreign acquisition of

a major Japanese electronics company

, as it

sought a stake in

the booming Toshiba memory chip but

is expected to win Competing

Presenters of Foxconn Founder Terry Gao explained

that he plans for Foxconn

to shape its brand

and secure its own winning pioneering innovations

Now, let’s take a look inside apple’s iPhone factory

in China The iPhone factory in China has evolved

into what residents have dubbed

iPhone City

As its population

exceeds that of many American cities combined

due to the number of

immigrant and businessmen who

settle there and

set up their stalls for services

such as nutritional massages and other things

In Shenzhou provinces and towns

is a complete industry chain of foxconn,

headquarter and other subsidiary factories

to ensure high efficiency

, the factory is located within

a reinforced and

customs-provided area at the

entrance to the production line

to facilitate iphone exports, it

is also located a few miles from

the city airport

to facilitate well-thought global shipments

with apples but what goes inside

well there are more than 94 iphones production

lines with 350,000 employees

around 350 iphones units are assembled every minute

with 500,000 units can be assembled

per day which makes it unsurprising that half

of the iphones in the world

come from shenzhou china One employee in

charge of


the iphone lcd screen with

special material states that it handles 1700 units per day

that is about three screens every

minute for 12 hours per day

, other jobs like connecting wood panels can take

up to a minute of the phone

, And it’s not uncommon to hear about

one employee who finished about

600 to 700 iPhones a day,

my back started hurting as soon as I read that

Foxconn employees portrayed

factory work as

very boring and stressful, but the


job in the factory Is the gathering area

where they have to repeat the same thing

8 to 12 hours a

day some employees even grow to hate

talking about employees, mostly

18-25 year olds

while rabbits can be 16 years old

for gender, they are roughly equal In


most of these workers come from

Shenzhou or villages near Hanan

which is one of the poorest provinces of

China with a population of 94


despite the already huge population

every day new employees come to work

in the facility

every few minutes, a new worker arrives

with a huge bag and a

shopping bag full of essentials,

some already with secured jobs

while others show up

hoping to get an interview with the

help of a nearby agency While nearly everyone else

‘s area business for

Foxconn employees working in production can be

distinguished by red and blue jackets

adorned with staff numbers nearby,

one of the sprawling dormitories Parties

where there are at least ten

apartment complexes of 10 floors each room can

accommodate eight people

and is furnished with bunk beds

, the rent costs about twenty-five dollars per

month per person

with Internet at a cost Three extra dollars a

month but because everyone

works different shifts it’s

rarely packed into workers quarters

for the salaries of Foxconn workers who

revealed that the factory wage rates

started around

1,900 yuan or nearly $300 a


and the compensation is so low

that the Chinese government

doesn’t charge fees. Payroll taxes From

worker paychecks

After a 45-day trial period,

base rates can increase to about

$390 to $500 per month. Workers

eager to take on night shifts can

expect their pay to increase to up to

785 overtime included.


students and nonprofit scholars

against corporate misconduct that

$650 should be the living wage

for factory workers

which means workers will have to put up with a

lot of extra work to earn

a decent living

but Foxconn’s monthly wage is still

better than most. -skilled jobs in

china even if compensation in

shangzhao production line is less than

in shenzhen many employees prefer to


there because the cost of living is more

af traversable and it’s closer to

their cities

but there is also a dark side

to von china factory and

it’s amazing how factories China never

fails to meet deadlines but

efficiency and productivity have a

darker side that our failure to acknowledge

claims of poor working conditions

have been at many events

Also, news reports indicate that

Chinese employees are severely discriminated


working appallingly long shifts, and

few Labor relations at the


The Beijing News reported in February

2015 that

Zhao Jun, an employee of the

Confederation of Trade Unions of China,

said that Foxconn allegedly forced

employees to stay on the job

longer than required, resulting in

accidental deaths at the hands of Karoshi

or similar conditions.

The additional Zhao Jun added

that the illegal overtime came

from light penalties and

lack of quality. Foxconn in return

issued a statement examining

Zhao’s allegations

arguing that their employees wanted to

work overtime to earn money. hand c ash and

that’s not all financial times

it was announced in november 2017

that uncountable students had been discovered

working 11 hours a day at

the iphone x factory in hanan county

ignoring a limit of 40 hours work

week for youth

in response to Foxconn reported it

had suspended interns from

work The extra illegal at the

processing plant where

3,000 students were employed in September

in 2019 there was a

report that a portion of

Foxconn’s managers

had used rejected parts to build


but it was suicides among Foxconn employees

that triggered this.

It really caught the attention of the media

that among the first cases that

came out in the press was the death

of a

25-year-old man who committed suicide in July

2009 and the reason behind this was that he lost


iPhone 4 prototype while

in possession accordingly. To the telegraph room

, Sundan Yang’s apartment is raided,

he’s also beaten up and imprisoned by

security guards as his friend tells him A

series of suici des still progresses

which were mainly associated with low wages

in 2010.

Foxconn installed a

suicide prevention net at the base of its buildings and

pledged to provide Much higher wages

at production bases in Shenzhen

In response to a spate of suicides

in which 14 employees died that

year in 2011, Foxconn also hired public relations firm

burson marsteller to help deal

with negative publicity

stemming from the suicides that year,

and networks appeared to be They help lower

the death rate, but they can still stop

four employees who tragically ended up

taking themselves.

What followed was a protest by workers

in January 2012

over working conditions in

Wuhan with 150 workers threatening

mass suicide if conditions

didn’t improve and


‘s the end of this video What

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Do you want to work in one of these

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