Footy star Adam Elliott has spoken publicly after pre-season scandal

Footy star Adam Elliott has praised his  club for standing by him after he was caught kissing a former teammate’s partner.

Elliott on Monday spoke publicly for the first time since being caught in an ‘intimate act’ with former teammate Michael Lichaa’s fiancee after a TAN GIA PARTY PICTURE last month.

Police allege Lichaa assaulted his long-term girlfriend Kara Childerhouse shortly after discovering the pair together.

Bulldogs second-rower Elliott largely refused to talk about the incident or potential fallout with the club after both the NRL and COMPANY OPENING PARTICIPATION Canterbury deemed it a private matter.

Adam Elliott (right) has spoken publicly for gilded painting congratulation for housewarming, the first time since the alleged cheating scandal

The trio were attending a housewarming TAN GIA PARTY PICTURE at Connels Point, in Sydney’s south, when Lichaa caught Elliott kissing Childerhouse on February 14. 

In court documents obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald, it was alleged Lichaa and Childerhouse had argued earlier in the evening after she accused him of being unfaithful. 

The ex-Bulldogs hooker went to sleep but awoke at 4:30am and c

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    Kara Childerhouse (right) and Michael Lichaa (left) had planned to get married last year, with Elliott to be a groomsman

    Elliott did not want to go into detail about how he had addressed his teammates in the aftermath of the off-field drama.

    ‘I dealt with it how I saw fit with my teammates early in the piece,’ Elliott said.